Lessons to Learn From Bridget Scarr; CEO and Founder Colibros Studio

Bridget Scarr is a talented producer and a creative writer with an affinity for developing great content that extends to various platforms. From digital content to television, virtual reality and interactive exhibition, her message resonates well with different audiences, especially the intelligent and emotional audience.


Bridget Scarr is a seasoned Executive producer for close to twenty years in television and animation advertising. In her career, she is responsible for the overseeing the creative output as well as technological production with a team of five people and growing to over 200 people.



Currently, Bridget is in charge of content development at Colibri Studios; she is involved in the day to day development of content. She also collaborates with various international broadcasters, creative personalities and project partners to breathe life into the project.



During her time on the television, Bridget Scarr focused on changing the ideas and goals of different people to reality. So when she decided to make a career shift, she thought, why not create a studio to create value for her clients. That is how Colibri Studio was born. The workshop provides a home to most of Bridget ideas. It brings together all the aspects and aspirations of Scarr in one place. From digital content to augmented reality, virtual reality and exhibition projects.



Bridget confesses that she starts her day with meditation every morning. She focuses on the objectives that she has set for the day. Scarr believes that with the routine, she can remain both motivated, focused and energized. She then takes her time with the family for breakfast before walking or driving to the office. Over the years, she has not to be very active for three hours in the morning. She uses this time to write research, develop content and do any task that requires creativity. She handles less complex and slightly flexible tasks after lunch.



After work, she picks her son from school. She then takes him for a play in the park. She serves dinner on time to ensure that her child is also asleep quite early. After the son sleeps, she is at liberty to perform more tasks or to relax and watch the TV. The decision on either will depend on what is on her mind, and the overall meditation bathes as well as lack or presence of sleep.



Bridget Scarr believes that the project ideas are her source of motivation. She is now working on a project that allows different users connect with their history.


Visit http://bridgetscarr.com/ to learn more.