According To Billionaire George Soros, Successful Societies Are Guided By Karl Poppers’ Ideals

Other than his deep pockets, George Soros is a man with an unusual commitment to open, just and democratic societies. This personal trait explains why his name features prominently in the United States political scene. During last year’s elections, the tycoon was not shy of registering her displeasure with the possibility of a Trump presidency. In fact, the billionaire spent $25 million of his resources towards the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic hopefuls.

The Billionaire made a fortune trading volatile currencies. He is aptly described as “the man who broke the Bank of England.” His single transactions that earned him the fame and the money is usually a unique case study for most financial analysts. In one morning of September 1992, George Soros put a massive $10 billion behind the British pound. It turns out his prediction was right; he ended up walking with over $1 billion in a single day’s profits. While at the top management of the Quantum Fund, the hedge fund recorded an impressive 30 percent annual return on investment. Know more on about George Soros

His political activism cuts across borders. During the 2016 political campaign, George Soros got more involved because he believed that Hillary Clinton was the best candidate for the president. Many of the principles that George stands for such as immigration reform, non-discrimination, human rights and religious tolerance were well articulated by the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Part of George Soros’ political activism is influenced by the experiences he went through when he was young. Soros was caught up in the extremes of the Second World War. His family and community were in the midst of a Nazi occupation that was responsible for the death of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George and his family survived the Holocaust by a whisker. His father was able to procure identities that enabled the family to masquerade as Non-Jews. When the world war came to an end, George relocated to the UK in pursuit of academic and business success. His determination and sheer hard work saw him through the London School of Economics. Armed with the financial knowledge he had acquired at the prestigious institution, George immigrated to the United States where his career as a financial and investment professional took root. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The ideals of a scholar, Karl Popper, a scholar Soros grew fond of at the London School of Economics have helped shape his political and philanthropic initiatives. Through an efficiently run system of charities, donors, partners, and programs, his brainchild, Open Society Foundations have had a profound global reach. The foundations advance the ideals of open, transparent and accountable governments that observe human rights. Soros’ early steps in philanthropy date back to the 80s were when he gave out scholarships to young blacks in South Africa who were victims of the segregation that was being orchestrated by the country’s colonizers.