Brad Reifler and His Innovations in Market Investment Funds

Brad Reifler, a prominent investor cum entrepreneur, based on market products, is known for innovative market investment funds. Since he started his career more than three decades back, Reifler is known for providing consumer-focused products with greater returns and flexibility. Recently, Brad Reifler offered Forefront Income Trust – a closed-end interval fund – to the public, targeting the middle-class Americans – a product that was reserved for the accredited investors in the past.

Some innovative features are making the product highly attractive. His firm, Forefront Capital LLC, does not make any income from the fund until the investor earns the first 8% of the net investment income. It also offers quarterly repurchase offers to the investors to ensure liquidity for them.

Brad Reifler is known for providing highest quality products since he ventured into the industry. His foray into the financial industry started when he founded the Reifler Trading Company in the early 80’s.

The firm used the dollars in the discretionary accounts to create institutional research, execution services, information dissemination, and global derivative advisory services, and it made one of the biggest independent futures operations. Brad Reifler finally sold the firm to Refco Inc., in 2000.

His next venture was Pali Capital, a boutique investment firm that offers brokerage and financial advisory services. Reifler led the firm as the Chief Executive Officer, and his aggressive strategies helped the company to earn more than $1 billion as commission income in the first 13 years. Additionally, the firm employed more than 300 people and opened offices in four continents.

Reifler founded Forefront Capital in 2009 as an investment management firm with a focus on individuals. He created several subsidiaries to the business including Forefront Advisory, Forefront Partners, and more.

Under the guidance of Brad Reifler, the investment firm offers financial planning, capital market, and investment banking services to individuals, business entities, and charitable organizations.

It also offers tailored products that are targeting retailers and merchants, including merchant cash advance and factoring.

Reifler ensures that a highly collaborative environment within the firm to create a great relationship among the employees that derives better results and solutions. He completed his graduation in economics and political science from Bowdoin College.

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