Designing Online Math Aid Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov, founder and Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, knows how important education can be. He holds diverse degrees, from an MBA to a medical degree. He has also funded a Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD, where he received his MBA.

Solvy is not his only venture. Alexei Beltyukov has numerous businesses including Endemic, New Gas Technologies, and Mechanus. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that started his career in the medical field before he switched to businesses.

Solvy is an online education tool that helps to make math education more accessible to both educators and students. The new software gives them a chance to practice difficult skills while giving them instant feedback. Beltyukov is an entrepreneur that knows how to fulfill a need and find a market that is in need of his services.

Math education is a field in American education that has been in need of assistance for some time now. With the push for higher levels of math, students need more assistance than before.

This software is much more than homework help. It monitors student progress, provides feedback, and reports to the teacher. This feedback to the teach allows them to know what individualized attention that student needs.

The interactive software alleviates some of the paperwork and stress from the overburdened teacher to free them to help the student.

Math is an area where American students struggle with, and Solvy hopes to bridge that gap. By monitoring progress and providing instant feedback, students are able to increase their self-efficacy and teachers are better able to pin point a students need.

According to PR Newswire, Alexei Beltyukov has designed software, Solvy that has become an interactive, online instructional assistant.

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