End Citizens United Develops Advertising Campaign To Elect Democrats

The recently developed political action committee, End Citizens United, has recently developed strategic advertising campaigns in an effort to elect several Democrats to the United States Congress. The Georgia state election was held recently, and several Republican candidates found themselves targeted by End Citizens United funded opposition advertisements. Representatives from End Citizens United have stated that these advertisements help voters to understand the realities they will face when conservatives are elected into the Georgia congress. End Citizens United was developed recently with a focus on the election of Democrats who are supportive of campaign reform to public office. The organization’s president and founder discussed the implication of its new advertising campaign efforts and stated that these campaigns would continue in the elections of each of 50 U.S. states. Although the committee’s primary goal is to achieve campaign reform through the election of sympathetic Democrats, End Citizens United will also fight for the addition of all Democrats to their state House of Representatives.


Following the Georgia state elections, several media outlets requested to interview representatives from End Citizens Now regarding their contribution to the election of Georgia Democrats. During one such interview, End Citizens United’s president stated that the committee was specifically interested in the election of Jon Ossoff, a congressman who is known for his support of campaign reform. The team at End Citizen’s United is incredibly hopeful about Ossoff’s election to the Georgia House. Ossoff has made several speeches regarding the corruption of the current campaign process and has vowed to assist with efforts to dismantle the system as it currently stands. Although the congressman will face opposition from both Democrats and Republicans regarding this restructuring effort, he remains confident that reform is possible with the assistance of political action committees like End Citizens United and other grass roots organizations.


In addition to the development of advertising campaigns for supported congressmen, End Citizens United has partnered with the House Majority political action committee to support many other Georgia candidates. Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United’s president, announced the partnership after the advertisement campaign for Jon Ossoff aired. With the support of the House Majority, Muller believes that End Citizens United can elect pro-reform candidates at an effective rate. Although Jon Ossoff did not win his seat on the Georgia House of Representatives technically, the congressman will soon go on to face a runoff between himself and two other candidates. End Citizens United has made a declaration to continue to support the Democratic congressman and to continue to mobilize citizens who are voting in the Georgia election.


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