Getting property reports made easier by the new National Title Clearing Website

National Title Clearing has been one of the most reliable support services providers for the real estate industry for the longest time. However, like all other business, there have been a few issues with their services, especially due to the fact that some customers feel that title defect cases are on the rise. The company has responded to the claims by making the documents available through online ordering. Some of the main issues that have been said to be brought about by the title defects include wrongful foreclosures and avoidable complications in the process of transmitting assets from one person to the other.


The company says that it is important for a proper record of the property to be kept, especially in cases where title conveyance needs to be done. When one has the documents, it becomes a little bit difficult to encounter issues such as foreclosures and buybacks.


There are many things that lead to title defects. In some cases, there are people that fraudulently lay claim to property that is owned by another person. In other cases, a title can be declared invalid when there are mistakes in the writing of the document itself. Other cases happen when the title document is not compliant with the standards of the area in questions. There are also cases where one of the signatories of the document does not append their signature to the document.


Several other circumstances could slow the process of transferring property from one person to the next. First are cases where the property has previous liens and other encumbrances. The platform that has been created has made certain information available to clients. The information includes reports on tax status, verification reports on assignments, report about the current property owner and similar documents. All this information given by the NTC has been gathered from credible sources and is accurate.


About Nationwide Title Clearing

NTC is a privately held company that deals with the processing of documents and offering other related services to the residential mortgage sector. It was started in 1991 and is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. They expanded their capacity and are now offering the national property market with service such as lien releases, retrieval of documents, tracking of documents and others.


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  1. The process of getting the documents has been made really simple through the website that went live a few months ago. They are a real asset to property owners. It so important for review to have it in mind for them to understand exactly what they are going through.

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