How the Patient Centered Care Approach Has Transformed Copa Star Hospital into a World-Class Facility

The Copa Start Hospital found in Brazil is a remarkable facility to both recover in and work in. The facility is housed in an ultra-modern building situated in Jorge Mall County. People have dubbed it as the world’s first five-star hospital owing to the vast breadth of luxurious amenities on offer to patients.

The hospital belongs to the D’Or network. This association now runs and owns well over 20 different hospitals in Brazil. The main inspiration to come up with top end hospital premises came from the World Cup on It was during the tournament when entrepreneurs and investors alike realized a lucrative opening for the VIP guests who would be in attendance.

Pristine Hospital Environment

No, these clients would require a quality hospital with state-of-the-art equipment on, just as they do in their homes. The patients would gladly pay any amount of money provided they, in turn, received the best services money had to offer.

Celebrities cherish the Copa Star. This high-end clientele is thankful to the staff for their efforts in safeguarding their privacy while on their premises. That is in stark contrast to a huge majority of the facilities out there which collude with the press to leak sensitive and private information about the celebrities who check into their emergency rooms.

Hiring Doctors

The physicians and nurses who work at the clinic are hand-picked by the top level administration. One has to have proven their capabilities in their respective field of specialization before they land a placement. Additionally, the staff at Copa Star is always being encouraged and paid for to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The Copa Star has managed to accomplish the unthinkable. It has outshone, in all ways, the previously, top-performing hospitals in the nation: The Albert Einstein and the Sirio-Libanes. To do so, the Copa Star facilities has had to build a total of 59 ICU centers. The premises has a staff of well over 500 employees.

About Copa Star Hospital

The outlet has spent millions upon millions of dollars to acquire the latest cutting edge technology on Facebook for handling their patients. Brazilians no longer require to travel to Europe or elsewhere to receive complex neurological surgeries or cardiac interventions since these services are available right at their doorsteps in Copa Star Hospital.

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  1. Players and tourists attending the World Cup wouldn’t be content being sent to the regular hospitals in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo. That is done to keep their skills and knowledge sharp and refined. I also knew that could do all that is possible to make sure nothing happens to them all the time.

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