Hussain – A Man with Vision

Damac Owner, Hussain Sajwani Family Man and More

Hussain Sajwani works heavily with the Trump Organization, though not directly affiliated with politics nor with President Trump’s political agendas. He and President Trump have a solid personal and business real estate relationship of many years; the Trumps consider him a distant relative. He is also good friends with Melania, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. Sajwani and the Trumps worked together to build the Trump International Golf Course. Sajwani has many years of experience in the same field – real estate markets; after working hard for many years on buying and selling real estate properties within the UAE, he finally moved up and began his own Damac Properties, a multi-billion dollar business that he faithfully runs to this day – he, of all people, can say that it was not easy but certainly worth it in the end.


Hard Work, Connections and More

Saturday morning, Donald Jr. gave his commencement speech to the American University in Dubai and urged the graduates to emulate his own father. Whether you’ll be a success at it or not, take the risk and to support the will to put yourself in the fire and defy. He also mentioned that looking back at what his father did in the recent election and even the risks he took are far more impressive considering the sole fact that he even tried – much more the fact that he won.


Neither the university nor the Trump Organization responded to any questions about the visit or whether it was a paid speech, but Trump wasn’t just there to pose for selfies with students and serve warmed-over platitudes. He also engaged with Hussain Sajwani.


Sajwani pays millions in annual licensing fees to use President Trump’s name on the newest Trump International Golf Club in Dubai Project.


Sajwani recently posted a selfie of the meeting on his Instagram feed and made other comments that raised certain questions about the elder Trump’s claims. Apparently, his business would no longer pursue new overseas deals anytime in the near future.


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