James Dondero Secures a High Profile Appointment to the SMU Cox Executive Board

James Dondero, the head of the Highland Capital Management (HCM), has been named as a member of the SMU Cox School of Business’ Executive Board. HCM has been strongly committed to Southern Methodist University (SMU) for several years, and it has been funding the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, a leading program that honors and empowers educational and professional quests in public policy. Additionally, it supports both the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library.

Dondero’s statements

Dondero said that the SMU’s Cox School makes a tangible difference in the Dallas’ vibrant business community. He added that it was an honor for him to be part of the ongoing growth and exemplary initiatives. The SMU Cox Executive Board is made up of nearly 100 appointed members – academicians and non-academicians. The non-academicians specialize in offering advises on the strategic direction of the business school. The Executive Board holds three annual meetings – in the summer, winter, and spring.

SMU Cox School of Business

The Cox School of Business was officially founded in Dallas back in 1920 on the Dallas-based Southern Methodist University’s campus.

James Dondero

James Dondero, the co-founder and current president of Dallas-based asset management firm (Highland Capital Management), is a resident of Dallas, TX. He is a specialist in equity markets and credit investing. Learn more about James Dondero: http://www.jamesdonderohycredit.com

Through his exceptional guidance, Highland Capital Management (HCM) has become an authority in the designing of unique Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). It has provided award-winning credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors around the world. Dondero is a member of several prominent boards such as the Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote, CCS Medical, Nexbank, and MGM studios.

Academics and charity work

Dondero holds a commerce degree with double majors in Finance and Accounting. He has completed several professional courses, and he holds prestigious designations such as Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). His charitable giving program focuses on promoting education, veteran affairs, and improving healthcare. He also manages the corporate charity wing of HCM.

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