Jeremy Goldstein Helps Represent New Yorkers

Far too often within media are the struggles of finding legal representation after an accident, run in with the law, or injury downplayed. The sad reality for many people within the country is legal representation is often very hard to come by and even harder to retain. Within New York itself, thousands of people each year are sent before a jury relying on the aid of a public defender, who as is often the case is severely overloaded with cases. This is often to the point that the lawyers assigned to individuals are only able to spend mere minutes with individuals before they are thrown into a courtroom to essentially defend their lives.


The practice has gotten so out of control that many people simply choose incarceration over lengthy court battles merely because they are unable to afford the luxury of defending themselves properly in a court of law.


New York Bar Association Moves to Connect New Yorkers with Legal Representatives Like Jeremy Goldstein


Finally, an organization realized the problem inherent within the system and stepped forward to rectify the situation. The new York State Bar Association in part created an online portal designed to help New Yorkers find legal representation within their neighborhood.


The entire process is relatively straight forward and requires very little information before a proper recommendation is made based upon a few questions.

Once the questions, which often ask basic information such as what type of case the person is entering into and the area in which they reside. Once the brief questionnaire is filled, New Yorkers are connected with a legal representative appropriate to their individual case.


Adding to the ease of use, the portal which was launched to help New Yorkers connect with legal representatives such as Jeremy Goldstein, who has built a storied career upon helping his clients find the legal resolution they want, is completely free to use and available to everyone. Though available to the general public, the portal is only able to connect users with legal representatives within the New York area.


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