Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Model for All Businesses

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is located in Palm Harbor, Florida and was established in 1991. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States concerning its business volume and market share.


Nationwide has a very high rating among the retail mortgage companies where eight out of the top ten of these mortgage banking and title companies choose Nationwide as their top wholesaler. Nationwide has also been picked as a top 100 company to work for by a poll sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times.


The mortgage industry is a very high pressure, high volume business, and the two key elements that must be present for a company to reach a leadership position is accuracy, the speed of implementation, and great service to clients. Nationwide has been able to accomplish these three priorities better than anyone else in the industry, and that is why the company is in such great demand.


Nationwide has the capability of reaching 3,600 plus counties and jurisdictions that house all of the records in the United States. The retrieval statistics of a less than 1% rejection rate and a 99.89 compliance rate are unmatched. The mission statement of Nationwide is to deliver to its clients, the highest levels of accuracy in the processing of documents and research to assist the mortgage banking business while at the same time to protect the land records of the United States.


The biggest reason for all of the success of the company is the in-depth training that employees receive. New hires are selected from people with backgrounds that predict that they have the best chance to succeed. Qualities that show a person can learn and will work hard to learn the processes necessary and who will have the dedication to put in a good work effort over time.


There are three weeks of intensive training once a new hire begins work at Nationwide, and then there are an additional 150 advanced training modules that help a person learn more in depth as well as being helpful for advancement. Some of the advanced courses can take several weeks to complete, and none of them are easy, but at least half of the workforce of some 570 people are involved with the advanced training.


Compliance is important, as evidenced by CEO John Hillman in a recent industry-wide podcast. Hillman stated that companies should make their objectives public, and then train towards reaching the objectives. The adage of keeping score improves the score works, as can be seen from the results achieved by Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.


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