Omar Boraie’s Success In Transforming New Brunswick

Over the years, Omar Boraie has seen the development of New Brunswick. The latest investment to be made by the visionary businessman is The Aspire. New Brunswick will host the exceptional deluxe residential building. The high rise property has been Omar Boraie’s dream for many years. He is happy that it is coming to fruition. The leader of Boraie Development LLC admits that many people did not believe that The Aspire project would be successful. His desire was to rebuild New Brunswick in the same way as European cities where he had visited when he was a scholar. In the past, people could not walk on the streets at night. Boraie new that he could change the situation by devising new ideas.

From the eighth floor where his office is located, he can see the beautiful city. Initially, the area comprised of 21 buildings, most of which were crumbling. With a vision, he started acquiring one building after the other. After buying them all, Omar Boraie embarked on his elaborate plan for the city. The first building, Tower One, comprised of office space. It was constructed in 1980s. The second building, which is known as Tower Two, was developed in 2003 next to Tower One. After the successful construction of the two towers, Omar realized that a high quality residential building was lacking in the area. He endeavored to build a deluxe building for the high number of people who were moving to the city to trade. After its completion, the property became the tallest in the city. The Aspire has 121 residential units with a large space allocated for retail business, offices, garage, and parking.

After it was finished, people started to believe in his dream. Omar appreciated the people who stood by him throughout the process and those who believed in his vision. He noted that he could have not completed the projects without their support. According to Omar Boraie, these people were responsible for bringing in the theaters, culture, and hotels. This information was originally published on Central Jersey Working Moms.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a real estate company, which is headquartered in New Brunswick. It is categorized under the segment of industrial buildings and warehouse. The firm was incorporated in New Jersey. It has over 35 employees. Boraie Development LLC offers innovative services, which focus on the urban real estate market. These services comprise property management, marketing, sales, and real estate development. Boraie Development’s team is committed to providing the populace with buildings that satisfy their utilities. Read the full report on