Copa Star: A New Era of Modernized Hospitals

No one likes being sick and ending up in a hospital. But it is the fact of life and we have to resign ourselves to it. Though, we may try to minimize hospital visits by changing our lifestyles. If a person is going to end up in a hospital, you might as well end up in a hospital that is not only hygienic but pleasing to the eye.

One of such hospitals is the Copa Star hospital in Rio de Janeiro. This hospital is a much-needed improvement in the health sector in Rio. It brings in a combination of class and comfort. The hospital has implemented an advanced technological system that makes work easier. It has seven floors, with smart hospital systems and unlike the old hospital system, here you contact the nurse or talk to doctors through a touch of an iPad. Visit the site to read more about Copa Star.

Modern health care is a necessity in Society

The project was started in 2013 and it cost more than R $ 400 million. This hospital project has impacted the Rio residents who had to travel to Sao Paulo to get services. They can now have access to quick medical care especially in cases of emergencies. The Copa Star Hospital is consistent with 550 employees and among them are 113 doctors. They are a group of highly trained professionals, with the training going on for two months. They covered all areas including in cases of emergency.

The owners of this hospital, the Rede D’Or St. Louis have future plans to extend this type of modern hospital to other areas around the country. The hospital aims at not only accepting private patients who can pay using cash but also accept all other forms of payment. They are currently working on health insurance.

Maintaining of International Standards in the medical system

Hospital Copa Star will give total focus to patients and their relatives and will ensure they maintain their international standards. The hospital brings together professional staff and hotel accommodation, seeking to create an illusion of both comfort and exclusiveness.

Its’ walkways have a cool temperature which is brought about by an internal aromatization project. This is also accompanied, by a 231 kinetic work of art by a Japanese painter known as, Yutaka Toyota. It will have a 5-star hotel feel and is designed by a reputable company, which has brought it up to standard. It will have the best of professionals who include the FIFA professionals. They will become a part of the team after the Olympics.

Construction of modern hospitals is not only needed but should also be a necessity in the society. The D’Or Network through the construction of Copa Star Hospital has provided that joy of good medical care to the people of Rio. Visit their profile page on Facebook.