Philanthropy Plays An Important Role In The Work Of Dick DeVos

I was recently reading an interview with Betsy DeVos from Philanthropy Roundtable where Betsy DeVos revealed a large amount about how and why the couple had become such major contributors to the education reform movement; Dick is now estimated to have a personal fortune of over $5 billion and is not an individual one would associate with taking part in radical activism, but this is exactly what the education reform movement was when Dick and Betsy DeVos became involved in it over thirty years ago. before the cause of education reform became one people from around the U.S. were involved in the DeVos family had begun campaigning in states like Florida and looked to provide funding for in many different ways, including the election of Dick DeVos to the Michigan State Board of Education. I was well aware of the business skills of Dick Devos through his work with the Orlando Magic and was pleased to discover education reform in Florida was one of the most impressive achievements he and Betsy had undertaken in the view of Mrs. DeVos. Taking on a project that has not yet met with fruition is something Dick DeVos appears to be well versed in as he joined his father’s AmWay Group in the 1970s and spent a decade working his way through various departments before finally being appointed to an executive role in 1986, Wikipedia reports. Maintaining a position as a business leader as he also works to make sure the social and environmental issues of the day are given the correct amount of assistance is something Dick has always appeared to be concerned with, in my own opinion. Despite the success he has achieved Dick DeVos has maintained hi base in the Grand Rapids region where he has headed a number of programs, including the West Michigan Air Alliance program that stepped in when flights in and out of the Grand Rapids area were cut by major airlines. In his work with The Windquest Group Dick has impressed me with his major investments in green energy and a philanthropic investment in a pollution study examining the pollution affecting Lake Macatawa.


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  1. The philanthropist Dick DeVos has always been well known for his business career, but he is also well known for his backing of education reform policies around the U.S. It has also come to be that paper service do not actually have these things in mind when going about the processes.

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