Roberto Santiago Built a Shopping Empire

Anyone who has been to the area that the mall is at in Brazil knows that the Manaira mall is one of the best places that people can visit if they want a chance to experience everything that the culture has to offer them. It is something that allows people the chance at making things better for themselves and getting to experience everything that Brazil has to offer. Because of the way that the mall is set up, there are so many opportunities and it often takes people more than a day to be able to experience everything that the mall has to offer them. Read more on

One of the biggest draws to the mall is the fact that it has a lot of shopping options for everyone who visits it. There are clothing shops, houseware shops and even specialty shops. For the people who are hoping to get a bit of tourism from the mall, there are souvenir shops and even traditional Brazillian shops that they can purchase exciting items from. It is a great way for them to try new things and to make sure that they are getting a great cultural experience.

Along with shopping, visitors to the mall that Roberto Santiago created can also get a taste of Brazil. There is a traditional food court like most malls have but there are also Brazillian restaurants in the mall. These places allow people the chance to make sure that they are getting what they can out of the mall and that they will be able to get more from the options that they have available to them.

As far as the entertainment options that Manaira Mall has, they are second to none. The entertainment includes over 11 theaters where people can go to watch movies. In addition to these opportunities, there is also an entertainment complex. This is similar to a stadium or an expo center where people can learn more about the different things that happen in Brazil. While the majority of things that are put in the expo center are related to culture, there are occasional concerts put on in the center for people to enjoy.

When Roberto Santiago created the mall, he wanted to make sure that people were able to get what they could from it. He didn’t want it to be an average mall and, for that reason, he made sure that it had an expo center. Along with all of the various aspects of the mall that made entertaining easy, he also wanted to ensure that it was a place that people would want to visit with their families. It made the mall better and something that was a better option for everyone who visited it. Read more on