Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

Swiss businessperson Mike Baur is the current co founder of Swiss Startup Factory. It is one of the more unique and innovative businesses in the nation. The company provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to present their business idea and then get guidance to maximize their chances of success. As well as co founding an innovative company, Mike has also spent a lot of years investing in startup companies. With this activity, he was able to use his own funds to make high profits through new companies. This experience helped him come up with the idea for his company. When Mike first started his career, he was involved in business banking in which he would offer guidance to many businesses. These experiences have enabled Mike to build a very well rounded career in business.


Mike’s company Swiss Startup Factory is one of the more unique companies around. It allows business owners to attend an event where they present their idea for a business. During the event, they will show Mike the benefits of their business and how it will meet a market demand. Baur will evaluate each business idea presented and then decide on which ones to choose. He will select the business ideas that have the most potential in his opinion.


Once Mike selects startup business ideas, he will then provide each business owner with coaching, mentoring and advice. This will usually entail giving businesses feedback on their operations and what they can do to improve them. He will also give them advice on how to mange their finances so that they do not go bankrupt. With the guidance and expertise of Mike and his company, a number of entrepreneurs will often be in position to learn how to increase their profits, manage debt, boost revenues and also manage their costs. They will also be given advice on how to market more effectively as well as improve their products and services. As a result, they will be in position to reach high levels of success.


Before Mike founded Swiss Startup Factory, he worked in the banking industry and invested in startup companies. These two experiences helped him get the experience and expertise necessary to start his own company. The experiences taught him how to help businesses manage their finances more efficiently as well as learn more about the potential profitability of startup companies.



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