Talk Fusion Video Chat Awarded

Talk Fusion is known to man as the home for video marketing solutions. Since it was founded, the institution has always been dedicated to supporting businesses and helping them stand out from the rest, despite the high competition. Talk Fusion helps its customers to increase their profits and sales and at the end of the day keep the customers coming. The company provides effective solutions that make the modern marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive using a video.

The products from the company are marketed from one individual to the other through independent associates who are located in more than one hundred and forty nations. The institution offers its clients a thirty day free trial whenever they wish to try or buy the products. Bob Reina established the organization in the year 2007.

This year in August, the Video Chat product from Talk Fusion received the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for 2016. The award was received from the Technology and Marketing Corporation. This will be the second award for the company this year from the respected integrated media giant.

The famous Communications Solutions Products of the Year Awards are respected among the people, and it only honors the exceptional services and products that have proved to facilitate data, voice and video communication. To get the award, the company must have significantly improved or introduced a successful product in the past year.
The Talk Fusion team, under the leadership of Bob Reina, is very excited about the special honor. As the founder and CEO of the company, Bob Reina promises his customer more services and better products. According to him, this is just the beginning, and the talented team will introduce better video marketing solutions in the recent future. The team is focused and dedicated to staying on top of the other competitors.

Ryan Page is the Chief Technical Officer at Talk Fusion. He believes that this special award was just a confirmation that the company was about to achieve its bigger goals.

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