The Ambitions Of Eric Pulier

The Idea Machine

Eric Pulier has a long and storied career in the world of software. For more than 2 decades he has made innovating and advancing the tech industry his life cause. Working with everything from social networks to virtual desktops he hasn’t found anything he doesn’t want his hands in. Given the wealth his ventures have generated it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Pulier produces so much innovation. At times his companies have even sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. While he has enjoy this success he has not allowed his wealth to inflate his ego. Charity and devotion to family are at the center of everything he does.

The Never Ending Innovation

He has produced API, virtual desktops, and even social networks. In particular his work with the Starbright Foundation stands out. In the mid 90s Starbright wanted to create a private social network to give the younger chronically ill patients it takes care of a chance to meet others undergoing similar challenges. Eric Pulier came through for them with Starbright World. Predating giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn this social network pioneered much of what we see in our current social media landscape while producing meaningful change for the betterment of all.

Standing Up For Values

Eric Pulier has made his ventures charitable and socially conscious. The prize jewel of these startups is the XPRIZE foundation. At the XPRIZE Foundation Pulier promotes technological innovation by giving developers exactly what they need. Through financial support and encouragement he hopes to inspire budding developers just like him.

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  1. Even more important than the wealth he has made is the social impact of Pulier’s work. As a devoted family man and lifelong philanthropist. Pulier has produced innovations in just about every category of software imaginable. I do have to say that could also be a cool way for them to restart the program.

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