The Manaira Shopping Mall Developed By Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago belongs to Joao Pessoa in Brazil. At a young age, he started his entrepreneurial journey. He opened his own cartonage company where he was designing as well as manufacturing folding cartons made of cardboard. He was supplying these to several companies.


Post that Roberto Santiago moved on to real estate. He bought a plot of land that was located in Joao Pessoa. It was in 1989 that he developed it and made it as a crown jewel of this city. This is the Manaira Shopping Mall.


He is well-educated. He has studied at the Pio X Marist College. He has earned a degree in Business Administration. This is from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.


This is the largest mall in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. It is one of the largest ones in Brazil. Roberto Santiago started the construction of this mall in 1987. It was completed by 1989. There are several shopping options available at Manaira Mall. Besides, it features a theater, food court, besides a concert hall on the rooftop. It has a gaming area, plus a fitness center, along with banks, and a college too. This is why the mall is visited by many residents of this city on a daily basis.


Domus Hall is the name of the concert hall. It is air-conditioned and located on the roof of this mall. The construction of Domus Hall was completed by 2009. This hall has enough space to host concerts, and fairs, besides exhibitions as well as large conferences. It can accommodate up to 10,000 people. This is a two-storey structure. It includes a mezzanine level which has cabins. These can be used for lounge music or for organizing private events. The ground floor can be used to organize larger public events. This place is especially suited for concerts as well as theatrical productions as it has advanced sound equipment along with acoustics.


There are several entertainment options that are available at this mall. These include a movie theater featuring the latest shows. Besides, there is a large gaming area too. New games are being added all the time so that people do not get bored and keep on coming back for more. Besides, there is a bowling alley too. It is next to the bar so that people can enjoy their game as well as their drink.


The food court over here has been expanded a number of times. This is because the number of people visiting this shopping mall has been growing all the time. Hence it was expanded in 2008, and then 2012, and once again in 2014. The food court has restaurants providing all kinds of cuisines and fitting each type of budget. There are fast food options as well as high-end dining too. The restaurants here include Capital Steakhouse, besides Espa├žo Gourmet, as well as Waynes besides many other well-known brands.