Whitney Wolfe Enables The Woman To Get Her Power Back

Whitney Wolfe confesses that she hates to see women being oppressed by men. Not only in relationships but also in all other aspects of life. Whitney Wolfe says that a woman has a right to have the same level of power as men have. Whitney feels that when men have the upper hand in relationships, they are likely to abuse and mistreat women. Contrariwise, if power is taken from the man and given to the woman, the man is likely to be more careful when dealing with the woman since the power is in the woman’s hand.

In that attempt, Whitney Wolfe introduced the Bumble Dating App where only a woman was allowed to make the first move while no man could make the first move. The woman describes the kind of man she would love to meet, and the dating app provides her with the probable matches. She then clicks on the ones she is interested in, and whenever she does not click on a match in 24 hours, she never gets the match highlighted again in her lifetime. The above aspect helps women to click on any man, whom she likes. Initially, some women found it hard to make the first move because of the societal norm that dictated otherwise. However, with time people started using the App not only to date but also to make friends among themselves. Consequently, Whitney Wolfe developed the idea of Bumble BFF that allowed women to be best friends forever.

Bumble BFF allows women to choose the women who interest them and make them their friends. They then find confidants whom they can share with in a world where many people are busy making a living and betraying each other to get promotions. Whitney Wolfe felt that the App would help women avoid bitches and office divas, who could not be trusted with secrets. The need for the app was to help the women, who nowadays get married late in comparison to the initial days when the woman got married in her early twenties.

Wolfe also developed an open space where the Bumble and Bumble BFF users could meet and mingle. The space is geared towards formalizing formal dating more than has happened in the past.

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